Places to post:

  • Hacker News
  • Relevant subreddits (which ones?)

General Ideas

  • Never submit a job application
  • The future of work is fractional
  • Why full time jobs have benefits
  • Never charge per hour
  • How to do taxes as a software contractor
  • How to find your first contracts
  • Stints at companies are shrinking
  • Macgyver tricks I like
  • Markets are not efficient
  • Examples of where easy things make it more likely to do it

Lessons from Palantir

  • Submerge yourself in the customer
  • Give leeway to make decisions to the lowest person
  • Trust the smart noob
  • How to be a “deployment strategist”
  • Being a technical PM can be a rate limiter
  • Meeting Report culture
  • Internal transparency
  • Dots
  • How to build a cult
  • Building SAAS flows in a consultancy

Lessons from Palantir customers

Lessons from Benchling

  • Organizations have Alzheimer’s - no memory
  • Strategy vs product
  • On middle management
  • Building consultant flows at a SAAS company
  • Acquisitions of software products
  • Build it vs integrated it (Insights)
  • The current world of data infrastructure

Lessons from Benchling customers